Hanging wallpaper in your home or business can bring exciting patterns, textures, and style to your space. That’s why Nic’s Painting maintains a vast inventory of wallpaper and can assist you in the selection, with everything from clever subtlety to bold colors and design. Without the proper tools or experience, however, a wallpaper project can be a nightmare. Nic’s Painting in Tallahassee has the expertise to ensure your wallpaper lasts for many years to come.


How do homeowners find a painting service near them that’s top-rated, quality-focused, and available to take on the work without delay? Here in the Tallahassee area, that’s a great description of Nic’s Painting with services that include exterior and interior painting and residential and commercial painting services.


Nic’s Painting offers expert glazes services. If you’re new to home improvement, glazing is a thin transparent or semi-transparent layer on a painting which modifies the appearance of the underlying paint layer. When a paint is too opaque, painters sometimes introduce a medium like linseed oil or alkyd to the paint to make them more transparent and pliable for the purposes of glazing. Nic’s Painting is Tallahassee’s trusted source for glazing services that stand the test of time. 

Wood Repair

Chipped paint, damaged wood, and worn shingles can compromise the appearance of your home as well as the value of the property over time. In addition to interior and exterior painting services, Nic’s Painting proudly offers wood repair services. It might seem like a small matter, but remember, wall deterioration can reduce energy efficiency too. Wood repair can make the building look years younger and create the best first impressions for your business or home.


Nic’s Painting uses caulk to seal joints or seams against leakage in various structures and piping. That way, you get the benefit of a complete upgrade. Caulking compounds are flexible sealing compounds used to close up gaps in buildings and other structures against water, air, dust, insects, or as a component in fire prevention. Nic’s Painting provides caulking services that ensure protection of customers’ long-term investment and makes the Tallassee community more energy efficient with lower energy bills. 

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